Sensei Emma Lucraft

CIKA England have the great pleasure to announce CIKA World Instructor Emma Lucraft is now a member of CIKA England. This is fantastic news we would personally like to welcome Emma to the CIKA England family.

Some of her amazing achievements:

– 2013 European Champion, Turkey
– 2011 World Bronze Medal, Malaysia
– 2013 Karate1 Premier League Champion, Holland
– 2013 Karate1 Premier League Champion, Istanbul
– British Champion
– English Champion

Started training at the age of 7.
Always graded with shotokan but also use shitoryu style katas for seminars and competitions.
An international CIKA instructor and has taught seminars all around the world including France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Australia.
Graded for 3rd Dan with Sensei Lefevre at CIKA Wales dojo on Saturday 12th November 2016.